Sunday, March 29, 2009

The last of the MTC fun...

As I was looking at some of the pictures Elder Booth had in the MTC, I at first thought: "Are you messing around all of the time? Why are most of your pictures of you guys messing around?" Then I thought about the last post of "classroom" time and realized that there's no way he could just take pictures of that. Plus, a lot of these pictures are of single people he probably wanted to remember, so here's some more MTC pictures and of course some more messing around...

Is he going to cry or scream?

Or maybe something really stinks...

Elder Tyson
Say what??

Elder Beckstead?

I don't know, but...


What is this??

Cheese (ok, not so much)...

Elder Osborn

This one's for you Fred!

Elder Shicone

Fun with gum (with Elder Osborn):

Light Saber Fighting!!

Fun times!! We love you Elder Booth!

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