Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out with new companion

This post is of a place called Lantad. The Elders had to cross a river to get there. The did some service and actually got some new investigators. Here is the river they had to cross. In the letter below, Elder Booth mentioned that it took them about 5 minutes or so to get across. Here's the river from the bank:

Here's a picture while crossing the river:

Here is Elder Booth and Elder Fordham with the ward missionaries, Shire and Somel (I think that's their names. I'm not sure which is which to put a "Sis." and "Bro." in front of them).

Here they are trying the coconut over there. Here's what Elder Booth had to say about eating the coconut: "All that coconut we ate was really good going in. It was just not pleasant coming out."

Elder Booth about to try the coconut:

Elder Booth drinking the coconut milk:

All of the coconuts:

Everyone eating the coconuts:

Elder Booth posing for a picture with the ward missionary:

Here's a letter from Elder Booth. This trip is mentioned, also.

Subject: Medyo wala bago pero sadya gihapon
Date: August 2, 2009 7:25:29 PM PDT

Hey everybody. It is crazy it has been another week. It's weird when your time doesn't really revolve around days, but you do different things on certain days. It really makes time kind of fly. I am having a blast, though. The work is really moving forward here in Silay. I really love this area. I would not care if I were here for a while longer. I don't know if that will happen though. Oh well. I will just think about that in four more weeks.

It sounds like everything is pretty much the same as it was last week. It's to bad I am not there to see dad act as super mom, though. I guess I will just have to imagine that one as hard as it may be. Nanay na si tatay. Oh, and I heard that Caden was bow legged. That just might be a sign he might go in the opposite direction and start to like horses or something. I really hope for his sake that does not happen. I wouldn't want him that different from the other boys in the family. I guess his grandma would like him to, though.

Things here really are going great, though. Me and my companion are getting along great. It's just kind of tiring having to do most everything on you own since your comp does not really know how to talk to people yet. We are really working on it, though. I just remember that it was me at one point. Well, that was every white person here at one point. It is still kind of hard because there are a lot of random words that I still do not know. I really need to build the vocab so I can be truly fluent in the language. I did teach in Tagalog the other day, though, and actually did better than I thought I would. I just had to switch over to the Tagolog mode and I was doing pretty well. The members were actually kind of surprised because they did not know that I was taught that in the MTC and they just assumed that I picked it up just by talking to my previous companion who was originally Tagalog. It was a way cool investigator, though. It was the first lesson with her. To get to her house we actually have to cross a river on a little boat. It is a really good sized river and takes about five minutes to cross. I am hoping to get more than one investigator out there because it is kind of expensive to get there and takes a good amount of time out of the day to go there. We went there with a bunch of ward missionaries and they had a blast. It just took forever.

The rest of the investigators are doing great, though. We just had trouble getting some to church this week since it was storming really bad. People really do not like the rain here. Which is a pain since it is always raining. We have one that can't come because her boss won't let her take Sunday off. So I took the information of the boss. I just might have to pay her a visit. If she is a member than there should not be to much of a problem getting Sunday off for the other person.

We have a new family that is doing really well. I will be the happiest if I get to baptize an entire family again. That is the best feeling ever. They are the nicest people ever. I just hope I get to stay here long enough to see them get in the water. I actually have a lot of stuff planned for after the next transfer day so I am kind of nervous the bad is going to happen and I will have to go to a far off place. Oh well, though. That is just how life goes.

As for a funny experience, I do actually have one. Of course my comp is new, so he is trying to learn new words all the time. Well some of the time. He did learn the word pregnant pretty well, though . He asked me and then I asked the ward missionary to tell him. The ward missionary told him and then said "hindi ka magpabusuong so iban samtang ara ka diri so" mission. This was right in the middle of a lesson so it was hard to keep the spirit after that. This translated is: "Make sure you don't cause another to be pregnant." He had absolutely no idea what was going on. I felt bad since everybody was laughing and he really couldn't. I don't know, maybe you had to be there. Well, that is about all can think of. I love you all and wish you the best with everything. Just remember that the Lord should be before everything in your life. Even others.

Elder Booth

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's a new companion... Elder Fordham!

Elder Booth has officially said good bye to Elder Sanchez :( He will be missed, but he has a new companion, named Elder Fordham. He is from California, and is eager to learn. Elder Booth will continue training and will also stay in the same area.

This is a picture of the new companionships after the transfers (maybe?):

This is Elder Booth with his new companion, Elder Fordham,
and Brother Romil and his cousin from the ward:

Here's another shot with them:

These next two are some pictures of a few ward members from Elder Booth's area:

This is another letter from Elder Booth talking about the new transfers:

Subject: Mayara na Bago nga missionario (medyo)
Date: July 26, 2009 8:28:52 PM PDT

Well it was great to hear about everyone. So I decided that if you wrote me (which I strongly recommend) I would just talk about it a little bit in the big letter so I would have time. It sounds like everybody is pretty busy with life. Mom and dad are spending a lot of time together, which is good. I guess they better get used to it since they have eternity to go. Wow. That really makes the whole wife thing crazy, no? Michele is still super woman so that has not changed much. Maybe some day we can all understand how it is really possible to do all that stuff and still be alive and smiling. I guess it helps out they are raising the next prodigies in sports and music. Mason and Caden sound like a blast as well. It's good they are taking out their fighting on each other. I really feel bad for the first kid who makes them both mad. They are some big boys. That would be a crazy little duo. I sure do miss all of that stuff. Oh well. It will still be there when I get back, I'm sure.

Things here have actually changed a little bit. I ended up staying in this area again, but I did get a new companion. I have the pleasure to follow up train again. Well follow up train, slash train. He is an American from California and has been here for a month. He really does not know any of the language and has not taught any of the lessons. Actually, his first time teaching was the first day with me. He is good, though. He just had a rough transfer with the trainer. He is ready to learn though, and I am ready to try and teach him all that I know, even if it is not that much. Oh, and his name is Elder Fordham. That's just if you wanted to know. So yea, that is the story with the transfers.

The area is doing really well. We had a great day at church and were able to get seven investigators there. There were just a couple that I was really disappointed about. Plus, I had another one of those experiences where a member walked up to me and said: "Here. He wants to be baptized, will you teach him?" So I did not waste any time and will actually be teaching him later today. We still have some of the coolest investigators in the world. I really love going to each and everyone of them. I got one to play basketball with us earlier today. He is my fave. We spent the fist five minutes laughing, then taught with the spirit, and then spent the last five minutes laughing again. He is the best. His parents just are not very supportive, which makes things kind of hard. I felt bad though when he got hit in the face and started to bleed everywhere. He was a champ though and just kept playing even though there was blood everywhere.

My funny experience was actually really not. For the first time I actually kind of got in a debate. I found out for the first time there really is not arguing with the Seventh-Day Adventist. They really stick to the belief. I ended up just telling them the only way to really know is pray and then I just left. I really hope they get the answer they are looking for. I will go back next week so I can give you all the details. Right now I am out 0f time so I will have to say good bye. Sorry. I love you all though, and hope the best. Thanks for the support.

Elder Booth

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Farewell to Elder Sanchez :(

Because everyone knows (somehow) that Elder Sanchez is going to be transferred, everyone wants a picture with him! Here he is posing at the church with some of the members:

Here they are messing around:

Having more fun by the church...

After being at the church, the "party" moved over to the Marifesky Home.
It's a family that feeds Elder Booth and his companion a lot.

Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez posing for a picture:

Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez with Bro. Marifesky (?):

Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez with Bro. Marifesky (?) and his wife (?):

Now adding a daughter:

Thanks Marifesky Family for many great meals and great
memories and especially for taking care of Elder Booth!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Bishop... or two! And an investigator...

Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez had the opportunity to be with of few of the Bishops in his area. The first pictures are of Bishop Enrie (?) and his family. Here they are with Elder Sanchez:

Here they are with Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez:

This is another Bishop in the area. He is not with his family, though.
Here he is with Elder Sanchez:

Here he is with Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez:

Bishops work so hard and it's nice to have some time visiting with them!

Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez also had some pictures with another investigator.
Here they are with him (and yes, he's missing a leg:)

He's smiling in this shot:

A new family and a really cool puzzle!

These are some pictures with a new investigator, Sister Lenny (or Jenny). She is pictured above with Elder Sanchez.

Here she is with Elder Sanchez again:

These next few pictures are of the huge Disney puzzle Elder Booth thought
was amazing. He even wanted to take it with him:)

These last pictures are of a new family named Furarez. They are really good,
according to Elder Booth. Here they are with Elder Sanchez:

Here they are with Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez:

Here's Elder Sanchez playing the guitar (or something else):

There are so many wonderful people in the Philippines!!

Riding a Caribou? No, it's a water buffalo!

At first, as I browsed through Elder Booth's pictures, I thought that he had found another statue and had decided to pretend to ride it. Well, this is not a statue! It's the real thing this time and he is trying to ride it! And so is Elder Sanchez! At least it's tied up....

Elder Booth taking his turn riding the "caribou":

Look Mom, no hands! J/K! I don't think it's going anywhere!

Now it's Elder Sanchez's turn:


Thanks for the ride!

Also, I just copied the notes that Elder Booth wrote about the experience. It turns out that this isn't a caribou, it's a water buffalo! I just figured that was what they called them in the Philippines:)