Monday, September 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

This batch of pictures is a mix of places and nature in the Philippines. The "odds and ends" pictures where starting to add up, so I combined them in this post, along with Elder Booth's March 8th letter. I will use some of Elder Booth's own words and some of my own explanations. Here goes.

The first pictures are of some (or it could have been one - not sure) beautiful flowers Elder Booth saw. It was on the day that he met with his batch (2/24/09). Here they are:

The next one, in Elder Booth's words: "is a church that is literally out in the middle of nowhere. I thought it was kind of cool. My companion got mad when I took it." (Probably because it is a church). Here it is (taken on February 26th):

These next two, according to Elder Booth, "are the front of a huge cock fighting stadium. That place gets loud during fights." You can see from the picture on the front right of the stadium that he's right (taken March 4th):

These next four are "some monkeys in my area. I had some bananas, so I decided to feed them." They were taken on March 7th:

This last picture is Elder Hamblin and Elder Booth in their respective "team's jersey." Is Elder Booth predicting the winner of the NBA season?? No, probably not. I wonder if he even knows that they won this year. If so, I bet he doesn't care very much...

Here's a letter from Elder Booth:

Date: March 8, 2009 8:46:19 PM PDT
Subject: Hi

Well, hello everybody. This was a good week for us here in Paglaum. Our numbers have been improving from week to week, which is a good thing. I was actually surprised they did, since we spent a lot of time doing interviews with the President and stuff. That seems to take us longer every time I do it. Plus I got to experience being told that I would be going on splits at the office. So I was not prepared at all. Luckily they let me come back and get my stuff. I just had to carry it around the entire time we were proselyting. It was with the zone leaders again. It was pretty fun. The Zone Leader is from Idaho or something. He is kind of a hard guy to get used to. It was funny though. We were a little late for curfew, which just got moved up to nine. We ended up running down the highway for a couple of kilometers. That was really fun with all my stuff. I hope I get to do it again someday. No joke - it was actually cool. All of these people were giving us really funny looks.

All of my investigators are still doing really good. The baptism for this weekend is going on as scheduled. We actually moved it up a day so we could do it with some other elders in our ward that have one that day too. They said they wanted me to do it so I am really really excited for Saturday to come. I cant remember how much I told you about them last time, but they are really cool. One's name is Aubry and the other Arline. They have been coming to church for a while, but I think I already said that last time. I will let you know next week how it went. We are still having some problems getting some people to church. We talked to one about what is stopping her and she said that she does not come because her mom is in the choir of the church next door so she just wants to go to that one. She won't come to our church alone, either so now we have put our focus on the mom. It was actually kind of interesting when we were teaching her. There was no guy in the house so we were teaching outside and her pastor actually walked by. Talk about awkward. I think he was just mad because he knows we are the true church so she might be converted and then he will lose a member of his choir. Ya, that was probably it. The other kids that we are teaching are doing good too. One of them went to church in the other ward. It was the ward of the elders who live with us, so they were able to tell us that he was there. I guess that's ok, as long as he is going. I think he actually goes there because his older brother, who is a member, actually wants a job from the bishop there. So it might be hard to get them to come to the right ward. Well, that is about it for them. There is just a lot of stuff happening that I hope turns out for the best.

I really don't have too many funny stories. I did have to teach the gospel doctrines class all by myself. That might have been funny for you to watch. My companion was not even there as he was outside making phone calls for the baptism on Saturday. I was pretty stressed. I just hope that they got something from the lesson. The language is still just alright. It is hard to learn sometimes just because there is still a lot of English spoken here. Actually, most people can understand it. They learn it in their schools.

I still have not eaten dog. People will joke around about giving me some, but I don't think they realize that I actually do want to try it just to say I did. Oh, and I almost got bit by a dog. I was going to punt, it but my comp would not let me. My goal is to do that before I leave because the dogs here are really annoying. They bark at everything.

Well, I love you all. Everything sounds good at home. I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos that I sent. I have already started some new good ones. Thanks again.

Elder Booth

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