Monday, June 21, 2010

Elder Sanchez saying goodbye.

This next post is all about Elder Sanchez! He's getting ready to leave (be transfered) and wanted to get pictures with all the members before he leaves.

These first ones are with Wilrose (sp?) and her family.

Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez with her daughter:

This one is of Elder Booth trying on a "way cool" mask:

It's a fight!

This is the owner of the mask with Elder Sanchez.
His name is Ramil Satam (I think).

Ramil with Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez:

and with someone else:

and with his mom:

Here are a few more pictures of Elder Sanchez with some more members:

Elder Booth and a member:

Elder Booth is going to miss Elder Sanchez! Good luck to you!

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Abby Mancenido said...

Hello! May I know the address of Ramil Satam? I have a very important matter to attend with him. And I can't contact him or his family. Thank you!