Saturday, May 16, 2009

A beautiful snowy day and the last pic of my District

Provo was draped in a new layer of snow! What a beautiful sight! Too bad Elder Booth could only "look" and not "touch" a little bit. It's still nice to see it. Here are a few pictures:

Here's an update from Elder Booth:
Date: December 15, 2008 9:56:51 AM PST

"Hey everyone. I hope the holidays are going great for you so far. I am sorry to say that I have still not yet received my flight plans. We were supposed to get them on Friday but were disappointed with an empty mail box. So it looks like I will be here for Christmas. Its alright though, as I just look at it as an opportunity to further prepare myself for the field. If I am still in the MTC for Christmas I won't be able to call, so don't sit around the phone waiting for me. However if I do leave on the twenty third like I am supposed to I might be able to call at the airport for Christmas. I guess I will have my fingers crossed.

Things are still going well here at the training center. It finally snowed yesterday and it is great. I would love it if it snowed every day until I leave. It makes it beautiful here.

Last week was actually really fun when it came to my teaching appointment. Our teacher decided to give us a change and set us up on companion exchanges. I was paired up with and elder named Elder Chacon. He is from California and used to be a cage fighter. So maybe you will one day see him fight on pay per view Ryan. I think that is his goal at least. It was really fun getting to know him and stealing ideas on how to better my studies. It was definitely harder to teach the second lesson in Tagalog then the first lesson. It was fun though. We went in with a really good game plan and worked really well together. We received really good reviews from our teacher. The only thing he said we really needed to work on was smiling more and being more excited. I know, weird - right? Who would think I would not be excited enough? I guess it's really hard to smile when you are cringing from thinking to hard. I guess i will just have to master the language better so I don't have this little set back next time.

Class has been really good lately because the teachers are really preparing us to leave. They bring the spirit stronger than ever and I love it. I hope they continue this so I can really learn. The last fireside we had was really good. They invited the BYU mens choir to come and sing for us. It was a great experience. There are very few things that can bring the spirit as well as music. It kind of made me want to join the choir. Maybe you will see me at an SUU concert when I get back. I wouldn't count on it though.

Oh and we found out that we get to go in the real world. At least my companion and I. I guess he has to go renew his insurance with the military. We get to go on Tuesday. It should be fun except for the missing class part. I guess I will just have to study hard in the car. Well, that's pretty much it here. I hope you all got my letters and I am looking forward to hearing from everybody. Merry Christmas and I love you all very much.

Elder Booth"

Here are a few pictures of Elder Booth's district before leaving in a few days:

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