Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goodbye Provo and everyone at the MTC! (12/23/08)

Everyone is coming out of the MTC, loading up their stuff, and saying goodbye to some really good friends they've made the last few months. I'm sure they're all a little nervous, anxious, and also a little sad to be saying goodbye...

Elder Wade doesn't look nervous or anxious or sad...

This Elder does... (just a little)

Here's Elder Booth with Elder Potter, for the last time. He was Elder Booth's District Leader in the MTC. Good luck guys!

Here's one more shot of some of the other Elders and Sisters leaving with Elder Booth:

Elder Booth is going to miss this weather when he gets to the Philippines. He'll definitely have a different kind of Christmas! This was the last snow he'll see for the next few years...

Good luck in the Philippines Elder Booth! We love and miss you! The next post will be from the Philippines!

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