Thursday, February 18, 2010

These pictures are from a Zone Activity that Elder Booth had with his zone. They were able to play some games and catch up with each other. Elder Booth had a great time.

This first shot is of Elder Sheers. Throwing the frisbee around was one of the fun activities:

Some of the other activities included "parrot games," as Elder Booth called them. These were games like capture the flag and some sack racing games. Here's a sister trying one of them:

Waiting for their turn in the sack race:

They were also able to play a game of Volleyball.
What a change from those Basketball games!

Nice set!


Go Elder Sheers! You're way over the net!

This last shot is of Elder Claven :)

Elder Booth changed zones and I'm sure he was glad to have this time with his old zone before he left!

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