Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Soul Saved!

Most of these pictures are from a baptism, but I'm not quite sure if it's for the baptism that is talked about in the letter. This baptism happened on August 15th. I think it might be, but I'm not positive.

I have to say that Elder Scott and Elder Fordham look a lot alike. I was a little confused for a second. But I think I've figured it out. This is Elder Fordham:

Here is Elder Booth and Elder Fordham with the family of the little girl that was baptized (she does have two younger sisters, so it could be the one talked about below in the letter):

Here is the family themselves:


One more:

For these next pictures, Elder Booth said that the mom of the little girl getting baptized didn't have any of her youngest daughter, so Elder Booth decided to change that:

A closer one:

Another one:

One more:

Here is Elder Fordham with one of the ward missionaries (I think), or with a ward member:

I guess she was only ok with one picture getting taken!

He (her brother or another ward member) is ok with it, but she is done!

Ok, maybe not...

This last shot is of Elder Unsicker (I think that's the spelling). He was one of the Elders that came and stayed with Elder Booth and Elder Fordham for P-day activities the next day. Elder Booth mentioned that he's crazy...

Here's another letter from Elder Booth:

Subject: Another soul saved
Date: August 16, 2009 11:02:50 PM PDT

Well, the week has been a good one. I really have nothing to complain about. We had a lot of new people that are really good, plus we had a good baptism. It was a really cool event. I have been teaching this girl ever since I got here, so was really excited to finally get her into the water. She is so amazing as well. I think I might have mentioned her in my previous emails. She is the one that is going to be better than me at the scriptures pretty soon. Well, that is not saying much. She is going to better than most, that is to say. She is from a very very poor family as well so we wanted to make it a special one. We got the ward missionaries to cook some food for her and the family. Then Elder Fordham and I went down to the store and bought her some school supplies since she really does not even have a bag to go to school. I would have to say we picked out a pretty good bag as well. It was Strawberry Shortcake and really pink. I was kind of proud of our pick. It fit her pretty well. The mom actually told me she and a her two little sisters will probably use it. That just made me feel even worse about their situation. I just wish I could help more in that sense, but that is just not what the missionaries are there for.

The area is going great, though. We were able to get that whole girl problem figured out so I am not going to die from all the worry about having a girlfriend. I heard we are not allowed to do that, so I was kind of worried about breaking the rules. Plus, Elder Fordham is doing a lot better with the people. It was kind of a struggle at first with the whole language gap and stuff. He is getting better, though. It is kind of hard sometimes to be the mediator. Oh well, though, right? You just do what you have to do.

Oh, I do have some really good news, though, about one of our investigators. It's the one we have been trying to get to stop smoking forever. Well we gave him a date and as of the 12th he is completely clean. I was about to jump for joy when he said that. It was actually kind of a bad lesson since I was just overly excited the whole time. I really hope that I am still here for when he gets dunked. I will just have to pray that I don't get transferred. He just has to stay clean for another couple of weeks, and then he will be able to be baptized. We have some other really good investigators as well. We actually have a baptism this week again, so I am excited for that, of course. September is the big month here, though. That is when most, if not all, of our investigators are supposed to reach the waters.

Things have been well with my comp and the people, though. Although there is this one RM that worked with us. He told me all about how he would have become AP and stuff, but he turned it down because he wanted to train. We are kind of having problems with him trying to completely lead the lessons. Other than that, though, I really can't see too many other problems.

For my funny experience I will tell you about the lesson that I actually had just last night. So I was teaching about the Law of Chastity to all of these kids. They are a great group of kids that really want to become members of the church. They are already better at going to the activities than I was before me mission. Anyway, I came to the part where you teach about wearing bad clothes and stuff (modesty). So I actually asked one of the little girls what happens to a girl if she goes out on the street wearing that. She answered right away. She said that she would get pregnant right away. I really do not know what they are teaching their kids here, but that girl is only nine years old. She really should not know about that kind of stuff. We could not hold back in the lesson, though. I just stopped and sat there laughing. I love to teach kids and stuff, it's great. Well, that is about all that really happened this week. I will try and get some exciting stuff for next week. I love you all and would love to here from you all. Thanks for the support and everything you do to help me out over here.

Elder Booth

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