Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Awesome Zone Conference!

This next post is of another Zone Conference. The Zone met and did skits and played games. They met in a big soccer stadium with pools (poor missionaries) and basketball courts. Here's Elder booth in a few shots out in the middle of the stadium:

Here he is with some other Elders from his Zone:

Here's a picture of the Zone all together:
(It looks like there are three Sisters)

Here are some shots of the missionaries getting
ready to participate in some of the skits:

A close up of Elder Booth:

Some of the missionaries doing the skits:

More missionaries getting ready to do skits:

Elder Booth said he had a really good time. Besides participating in and watching the skits they were able to play some Ultimate Frisbee. There was a video of the skit Elder Booth was in, but it was too big to load. Here's a letter from Elder Booth:

Subject: medyo nacoolbaan ako sangligad nga semana
Date: August 10, 2009 10:22:19 PM PDT

Hey! How is everybody doing? It sounds like there is a lot going on with people and travel and all that jazz. Sorry I am behind again. We had out Zone Activity for the transfer and again we were a little late, so I am doing it now. It was an awesome activity, though. We went to this big stadium called Pana-ad and played some basketball and some ultimate frisbee. I pretty much loved it. I am actually sore right now, which has not happened for a very very long time. I am loving every second of it.

Things here in the area are going pretty good. I just realized though just how stressful missionary work can be if you let it. I think it is getting to me. I think I can sometimes feel the acne getting worse as I stress about something. Maybe I will come home bald or something. Actually, the most stressful part of the week is finding out some girl in the ward liked me a little too much so I had to talk to her about it. Then there were tears and stuff. Yea. So hopefully that does not blow up in my face of something bad like that. I never really did like that crap. I never thought I would have to deal with it here, though. I guess you just have to expect the unexpected and then deal with it when it comes. I will let you know if I get emergency transferred or something because of it. Actually, it's not that big of a deal - it is just kind of stressful.

The investigators are doing very well here, though. We just had one that has been an investigator forever go interview with the President. She passed and can now be interviewed and baptized. She is actually scared about some stuff though, so we will have to figure that out before we can move on, though. I really hope it works out, though. She is awesome and has such a strong testimony. We will just have to work really hard for her. The other really good one that I love cannot actually be baptized because she can't ever make to church because of her job. It is hard to tell someone to not work for the money that it takes to get her kids to school. She is really great, though. We are just trying to find a way to change jobs. We just wish that we could make her our washing sister. I truly hate washing and am very willing to spend the hundred and fifty pesos a week. It's just too bad that it is not allowed. Maybe I will just have to talk to the area authority or something about it.

Elder Fordham and I are still getting a long so there is no complaint there. I am just having fun and trying to teach him everything that I know and some things that I need to know. We are doing great in the area, though. We just keep having people show up for church and then people just tell us to come and teach them. It really cannot get any easier than that. For some reason I don't think that that happens in Europe or something like that. I am pretty lucky, I guess.
I don't really have a funny story in mind. You might just have to give me another week to get one. It is just a lot harder after you start getting the language down. You don't make those funny mistakes anymore. Well, I better get going. I love you all and really hope for the best. The gospel is true.

Elder Booth

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