Monday, June 22, 2009

Bowling as a Zone!

Elder Booth was able to go to a fun Zone Activity at the end of January. His Zone went bowling for an activity and from the looks of it, you would think you had taken a step into the United States...

Here's what Elder Booth said about it:

"The bowling is a Zone activity. Yea, never thought I would be bowling here (in the Philippines). The place was actually pretty nice. We had a lot of fun."

Here is a picture of the Bowling Alley:
(Not too different from what we have here)

Elder Booth is having a blast!

Check out those moves! Look at that form! Elder ??

Not sure who this is either...

Again, not sure who this is:

Here are some of the Elders from the Zone. They are not the ones Elder Booth lives with, so I'm not sure of their names (I think they're the ones in the pictures above, too)...

Finally, some faces I recognize! Here's Elder Booth with his companion and "roomies."

Elder Booth (left), Elder Erickson (in the back), Elder Netzley (in front),
and Elder Hamblin (right)

Now a picture with the Elders bowling together (I'm not sure if this is the whole Zone or not). You'll recognize the four on the left (same as up above). If I'm not mistaken, that could be Elder Potter on the far right. He was the District Leader with Elder Booth in the MTC.

And a good time was had by all!

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