Friday, June 26, 2009

What's going on here...?

So Elder Erickson and Elder Netzley left (they were transferred). Now Elder Booth and Elder Hamblin are alone. What do they do with themselves??

Have they lost their minds??

What is going on here??

Elder Booth!!??

The Filipinos "package" things a little differently than we do here in the United States. So although it appears to be a couple of Elders losing their minds, they are really just messing around. They are just drinking honey out of whiskey bottles and eating peanut butter out of shot glasses... It makes for a few crazy shots.

Here's what Elder Booth said about the incident: "The honey here comes in the exact same bottles as the whiskey. Plus we bought some peanut butter in a shot glass so we could not resist the temptation of taking some funny pictures. Sorry they are kind of bad but I thought they were kind of funny."

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