Thursday, October 8, 2009

District Bowling and Elder Booth's Zone

Well, Elder Booth had District bowling again. It looks like they had a great time:

This is a picture of Elder Booth's Zone. You will recognize Elder Booth, Elder Lucas, and a few people down is Elder Lising, Elder Hamblin and Elder Potter. Those are the only ones I recognized, though.

Here's another letter from Elder Booth:

Here is a letter from Elder Booth:

Date: March 29, 2009 8:07:25 PM PDT
Subject: basita halin sa philippines

Hey how is everybody doing? Well I hope you are still good. I didn't get the weekly update so I will just assume you are all super duper. Ya, don't laugh too much. The mission just makes you use those kinds of words; it's really not my fault. It happens to the best of us, I guess.

Well things are still pretty good here in Paglaum. We currently have three investigators with a date and we are about to give one to another. The three did not go to church this week so we actually will probably have to postpone their date until a week later. Actually, they have never gone to church in our ward in Paglaum. They always go to the ward in the next area because the member that takes care of them is either trying to get or already has a job in the bishop's company. So that is kind of hard to deal with. I guess it is a pretty big problem here, though. I heard the bishop was backwards and buys his members or something like that. I don't know nor do I really care, as far as that goes. I just want him to stop giving my investigators callings in the wrong ward. Ya, other than that we are good.

Brother Jonard, the investigator that we will give a date to the next time we visit, came and loved it. He has been twice now and loves each time. I am excited for him. I just hope we can baptize him before transfers, because I will probably be leaving to my second area. Sister Maryann, the lady that is pregnant and living with her boy friend or fiance or whatever you want to call it, should have her baby on Wednesday. So they should move forward with marriage afterward. It's too bad because I probably won't be here when they finally do. I just wish they hadn't procrastinated that special day of marriage. It's a happy time and they should be excited. Oh well, as long as it happens I guess I am happy. Sister Amy, the one that we finally got to church last week, to my disappointment did not come to church this week. We had problems during the week getting people to come with us when we went there because they were all to busy. I did give a good lesson on testimony and asked her if she had one. She said that she still has not asked for the answer yet. So hopefully she will ask soon.

Well that is about it with our investigators. The rest are doing alright. They just won't come to church. Some actually are supposed to come with some members but then the members don't end up coming either. So that is a little sad and frustrating. I hope we can get that all figured out soon.

I have not had to many funny experiances this week. I did have to choke down some really bad food, though. It wasn't too bad to the taste but they just kept giving me more. I thought for sure I was going to puke. I didn't eat anything too weird either. I did, however, cook some fajitas with Elder Hamblin. His mom sent him the seasoning stuff, or whatever. I thought I was in heaven. I never thought I would miss mexican food so much. I don't think Taco Bell sounded so good until I came here. Oh well, that is just part of life. Oh, I am getting better at cooking though. Maybe I will be able to feed myself in college now.

Oh, and we had a ward activity on Saturday and played some basketball. I am happy to say that I am still undefeated in the Philippines. I will play later today too, though, and there is a new American that is supposed to be my match up, or something. So I will let you know how that goes. Well I hope you liked all the pictures on my card. I am excited to send you the next one. I am really trying to take more pictures and do cooler stuff for all of you. Well, to be honest I don't think about it a whole lot. I hope you liked them though. I Love you all. Don't be afraid to write or email. I would love to here from everybody. Stay strong and remember why you are really here. Love you all and thanks again for making this easier for me with your support.

Love Elder Booth

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