Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ward Activity Time!!

These are the videos and pictures that Elder Booth mentioned in the last letter that was in the last post. It's of a ward activity he went to. I have to admit that when I first watched these videos, I thought that having a ward party in the Philippines is a little bit different than having a ward party in America. Then I remembered some our lip sync contests and other fun activities and realized that they aren't different at all. It's just a ward getting together and having a great time fellow shipping and getting to know each other (maybe a little too well).

While I can't put all of the videos on the blog, I will try to put a few clips so you can get an idea of what a ward party in the Philippines is like. I guess there is one major difference. Unfortunately they don't have a big gymnasium for these activities. This is where they also meet on Sunday.

The first video is the women doing tug of war (notice the last minute help!) and the second video is the men:

They also did some fun "skits." The first one is the men. I called a skit because I'm not exactly sure what else to call it...

There is another "skit" that the girls did, but for some reason it will not upload. I will try to put it into a different post to see if it will work.

The last game they played was a relay. Each team had to have one person get dressed up and run across the floor and back. Then they shed the clothes and the next person on the team took their turn. As you can see from the pictures below, some enjoyed dressing up more than others... Unfortunately, the video was way too long to upload, but here are some pictures of one of the relay team members:

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