Monday, April 26, 2010

Up at the Mission Office...

On the next p-day, following the amazing zone activity, Elder Booth and Elder Sanchez made their way up to the mission office. While there, they decided to get a few pictures.

This is Brother Tommy with the two AP's:
Elder Bennett and Elder Romerate.

Here they are again in a "less-serious" pose:

This is another picture of the "Mission Office" crew, with
Sis. Tobias, the new Mission President's wife.

After visiting the mission office, some elders went out to "21" for a birthday party celebration for Elder Arle (or Arce or Arie - depending on how you interpret Elder Booth's handwriting) He is the one at the end of the table. Is he 52 or 25? Not sure what the numbers mean...

Another letter from Elder Booth:

Subject: Suprise Boat Ride
Date: July 12, 2009 8:11:56 PM PDT

Well, it's been another fast week here in Silay. I really don't know where the time goes sometimes. When I look back it seems someone has played a trick on me by saying I am close to half-way there. There is still a lot that must be done, though. Well, I haven't really heard from everybody for a while except what mom has told me. It sounds all good there, though. Nobody lately has lost their job, have they? That seems to be a common occurrence now days. The people here just kind of laugh when we talk about the crisis. They just say that it is always a crisis here, so they are used to it and it really does not matter at all. I guess that is a good way to look at things, but kind of sad when you really think about it.

Things are going really well here, though. We have some great investigators. I am really developing a love for them and it is great. I was, however, a little disappointed on Sunday again, as usual. I am beginning the think that the rain is from the devil. It just comes too much in some places and not enough in others. It rained really hard though last Sunday, or yesterday I guess, and the investigator turn-out was just not what I was expecting. First we are teaching a criple who only has one leg. He lives pretty far away from church, but usually manages to get there. This time, however, the rain made it almost impossible. He has to take a trike, which is that bike thing with the side car that I sent a picture of (a long time ago). Since it was raining, then it was too muddy to get to his house and he was not able to go. Then the even more disappointing one was a Wilrose. She was supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but had to come to church this week in order for that to happen. Last week she was really sick and this week her mom did not alow her to go because she thought that it might come back if she let her go out in the rain. She has to be the coolest little girl ever, though. She is all done with the lessons now, so for our teachings with her I just give her chapters of my favorite stories in he Book of Mormon and then we talk about them. Every single time she can tell me the whole story in detail. I love it. We just might have to postpone the baptism until next week. She actually did not care too much just as long as she gets baptized.

We still have one baptism this Saturday, though. It is with the really easy investigator that was like a free baptism. It really makes things nice when she lives with the Stake President. It's not hard to find a fellowshiper when you are teaching her there. She is really smart too, which made things even easier. I love baptisms so this will be fun on Saturday. OH, and I still have yet to meet with the new Mission President. I guess you will just have to wait for another week before you can know about him. I'm sure he is nice, though.

Tuesday was a surprise for sure. I found about that all of the Americans had to go to Panay for a day. That is the other island. We had to go there in order to do all of our finger prints and not get deported. I will have to admit it was really sweet. It was like a one day vaction. I was with all my friends and we got to go to different island. IloIlo is a beautiful place. I would not be sad at all if I someday get assigned there. It is a lot cleaner there than here in Bacolod. Plus, everthing is so much bigger. It is really a city there. The only bad thing about the whole thing though, was being so tired. I had to meet with some other people going Tuesday night and head out to Bacolod. We got there at about nine-thirty and arrived at the zone leader's apartment. It is nice, but really locked down and they could not hear us. After about twenty minutes I tried to climb the fence. I found out that they have shards of glass all over the top so people won't try and do that. It kind of tore up my hand pretty good. So yea, don't worry. I have not changed enough to stop trying stupid things every once in a while. You have to keep life intersting. It was a good trip though, and my comp was able to stay and do a little bit of work, so that was good too.

The only funny story I have is about the language again. I have been working with some ward missionaries that are actually from a Sebuano speaking place. So he has been teaching me some words. Like any other person he decided to have some fun with it. The word in Ilongo for puppy is "totoy." I was saying this one time and he asked me if I wanted to know the word in Sebuano. Of course I just said, "Sure, why not?" He then told me that it was "pitoy." So I started to use this in a couple of our next lessons. I later found out after the people were laughing and giving me some really weird looks that "pitoy" in Ilongo actually means the male organ. So yea, I don't know if I can trust the ward missionaries anymore. Oh well. It was a funny experience. Well, I better get going. I hope all of you continue to be great and I love you all. Thanks for everything.

Elder Booth

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