Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zone Activity at Patag

Elder Booth and his Zone had an amazing activity in Patag. Here's what he had to say about it: "The next pictures are all of Patag. We had a zone activity out there on P-day. Pretty much like the last one of Manbucal, but at a different place. Patag is actually above my area in Silay." Most of the descriptions of the pictures are in Elder Booth's own words.

We all me at the church in my area and and headed up in a big beat-up jeep.
That's why the first couple of pictures are just from the ride up.

A few views from the jeep:

Then we start with the hike to the waterfalls...

On the hike they decided to stop and take a batch pictures with the tour guides and Elder Bennian. He is in with Elder Booth's Junior's batch, Elder Fordham.

Then the hike led us down into a river.
"It had to be the greenest place I have ever been to," Elder Booth said.

Then we finally got to the falls. It was pretty much rain forest/jungle stuff.

Pictures from every angle...

We just got some zone pictures there:

Elder Booth and the falls:

The blue water was a dam that lead to some more falls, but they would not let us go because it was too slippery. The water was a way cool color, though.

The next couple are of an old pool and us heading back down.
There was a sweet river there.

Nice Haircut...

More scenery on the way back down:

Here's an email from Elder Booth. It's a little late because of the Zone Activity...

Subject: Sorry a little late again.
Date: July 6, 2009 9:41:58 PM PDT

Sorry I didn't get a letter out yesterday. I think this is the second time this has happened right? This time was a little different. P-day was still yesterday, but we had a huge zone activity. It went really late and by the time we got back we had no time before we had to be to our appointments. So we just bought some food and actually took it with us to our appointment since we were already late. So this morning I asked permission if we could email right now, and luckily it was approved. So yea, that is the story.

The activity was really amazing, though. It was actually held in my area. Well, you can't really call it my area because it is so far away, but technically I guess it is. It is called Patag, which just means waterfall. It is up in the mountains. I found out if you go to the mountains here you go into the rain forest. Yea, I pretty much felt like Tarzan or something. It had to be the prettiest scenery ever. I took some very good pictures for you all. I guess you will get to see them in about two or three month. You should be excited though, because it was awesome. It was kind of like Havasupai, except it was in the rain forest instead. The worst part about it was not being able to swim. That was a huge temptation for me, of course. That is somewhere I really want to go after my mission some time. I will just have to find a way to pay for the plane ride over here. That is kind of a big pain for me. It was great though the entire zone really loved it.

Besides that, my week has not been too exciting. I still have not actually met my new mission president, so I can't tell you anything about him yet. All I ever hear is: "He is really strict," which of course is fine with me. I always thought all mission presidents were, so that is all good. It should not have too much of an effect on me, I hope.

All of our investigators are still doing good. We actually just got one to come to church that does not have a leg. That just shows you that if you have to desire you can find a way to go. He is really a good example to the other investigators and all the members that seem to find an excuse not to go. I was actually one of them before I went on a mission. In a lot of ways the investigators are helping me more than I am helping them.

Tomorrow should be an adventure, though. I am actually going to get to go to Panay for a day. All the Americans have to get some visa stuff done. I have never been on the other island so that should be an adventure. I just hope I get to see some of my batch mates since four of them went over there and left four of us here. I will tell you how it goes next week, I guess. Well I am actually already out of time so I will have to write you next week. I had to shorten it this time since it is not P-day. I love you all. Keep working and having fun in the states.

Elder Booth

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